Steps To Take Before Taking That Summer Vacation


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Setting off on an exciting road trip can be an adventure, especially when you’re planning to have a vacation to reminisce about for years to come. To make sure the memories are all good, be mindful of those with bad intentions who could quickly ruin your trip.


Vehicle Theft

Your vehicle is usually close by when you’re on a road trip, so the idea that it could be stolen probably isn’t a concern. It should be. Think of how your vehicle is unattended: stops at rest areas, convenience stores, historical sites or amusement parks. And it’s not just the vehicle itself; on a road trip, often your car is full of personal necessities that can lure thieves.

    “Wherever your car is parked, whether at a hotel, in a gas station parking lot, or even at your own home, you need to take precautions, especially during warmer weather.” Advises Troy Sandberg, owner of Signal 88 Security in Denver. “Leaving your windows cracked, even slightly, can be an invitation for theft.”

    “There are a variety of items that are attractive to thieves: electronics, gas, metal and even the car itself,” says Sandberg. Park in well-lit areas and keep your windows rolled up and doors locked at all times, when away from your vehicle. If you have an alarm system, use it, even if you’re only planning on leaving the vehicle for a short time.  


Home Theft

Being Away from your home means it is vulnerable. Every 10 seconds an American home is burglarized, according to Farmers insurance. And you don’t need to be wealthy to tempt thieves. All modern conveniences, such as televisions, computers and cameras, can lure thieves.

Do not alert potential burglars to your absence. But instead take these precautions:

  • Suspend delivery or make sure mail and newspapers are picked up. As these items overflow, your home appears to be unoccupied. 
  • Arrange to have your lawn mowed.
  • Ask a neighbor to park a car in your driveway. 
  • Put lights, television and stereo on timers that turn off and on randomly. 
  • Don’t advertise your absence with notes, or announcements on your voicemail, email, Facebook page or Twitter account.
  • Turn your house phone’s ringer down or off. 
  • If possible, install a motion detector on outside lights. 

Identity Theft

Today more than ever, identity theft is a great concern. According to the Javelin Strategy & Research 2013 Identity Fraud Report, identity fraud affected 12.6 million consumers in 2012. Becoming a victim of identity theft while on vacation, especially far from home, can be traumatic o say the least.

    Kiplinger suggest you inform your credit card company of your travels, especially if you’ll be out of the country. Financial institutions are cracking down on unusual spending behaviors, and your account could be frozen if the company identifies spending activity outside your normal region.

    If you receive an alert about suspicious credit card activity on your cell phone, don’t call the number provided or reply by text. Instead, call the number on the back of your credit card.

    Rid our wallet of unneeded credit cards or other personal information, such as your Social Security card, and store them in a secure location. Make copies of the items you leave in our wallet in case it is stolen.

    Don’t leave personal information in your hotel room. Lock computers and tablets in the room safe and make sure each device is password protected. Don’t use unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

    Furthermore, check your accounts regularly to ensure you’re the only one accessing them.


Line Up Your Defenses

Vacations are a time to relax, relish life and revive. Becoming a victim of theft will thwart those plans. Don’t be an easy mark: safeguard your vehicle, identity and home and enjoy the summer.


Source: Colorado Country Life Coop.


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